BT Connection failed on OE-RPB of Dragonboard 410c


I try to operate BT devices on the latest snapshots of OE-RPB of Dragonboard 410c,[link].

It can do scan and pair actions, but the connected action will be failed, as follows.

It is work on Debian-17.04 and rpb-16.09

Do you have any advice ?

Thank you

Yes, it is a bug 343, trying to pairing between same BD address.

You can change your BD address with the following command:
$ btmgmt public-addr 12:34:56:78:9A:BC

However, In this particular issue, he does not try to connect to an other dragonboard since the BD address is different (7C:1D…)

What type of BT device is it? I think this error can also occur when trying to connect to an audio device when there is no pulseaudio installed.