Bring up IMX327 image sensor for DB410C

Does anyone bring up successful imx327 image sensor for DB410C from Sony?

INCK input frequency request is 37.125 Mhz.

How can i get this clock? As i know, max clock frequency is 34.28 Mhz.


Hi @ncoah,

AFAIK dragonboard410c can generate upto 66.67MHz MCLK:

Sorry, my board is DB820C. Do you have any information for MCLK for CAMERA?

Almost same, 66.67 MHz:

Only thing to note is, you need to calculate whether GCC can exactly deliver the required frequency or not. It depends on the m,n divider settings in the driver. For instance:

F(66666667, P_GPLL0, 1, 1, 9),

Here, m=1 and n=9. You can dig into the RCG part to know how the frequency gets calculated:

Dear Mr Mani,
Could you please share exactly how to get frequency from m,n?