Bootloader git repository not found


I’m trying to customize the bootloader while referring to the following.

But I can’t find git source of “arm-eabi-4.8”.

# git clone -b LA.BR.1.1.3.c4-01000-8x16.0
Cloning into 'arm-eabi-4.8'...
fatal: repository '' not found

Where is the source of “arm-eabi-4.8” that has branche “LA.BR.1.1.3.c4-01000-8x16.0”?

Thank you,

Try git instead of https (as indicated in the documentation)

git clone git:// -b LA.BR.1.1.3.c4-01000-8x16.0

Can I substitute for https?

I can not use git port (9418) by firewall.

You can use this repo with https:

git clone -b LA.BR.1.1.3.c4-01000-8x16.0

hi, Loic

the problem is now solved.
Thanks a lot!