Boot recovery using Windows tools

I’m trying to find a recovery method for Dragoboard 410c by using a Windows based tool. I can do the board recovery via Linux based tool (qdl) and I’d like to do the same in Windows. I found an emmcdl.exe command line tool on Qualcomm site ( and tried to use it with the bootloader package ( contents. I was not successful doing that. Has anybody tried to do the same and actually managed to recover the board by using emmcdl.exe? I’m asking just to know whether it is a viable option and I possibly just pass incorrect parameters to it.
Basically I ensured the board is switched into boot mode via dip switch, the Dragonboard gets identified as a Qcom COM port (the USB device driver is installed). Then I run emmcdl.exe with parameter -p COM19 -f prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn -x rawprogram0.xml. Then I do the same but using the patch0.xml. This does not produce a functional gpt partitions on emmc (I can verify that by booting from uSDcard and running lsblk). There seem to be no errors printed by the emmcdl tool itself though. Is that supposed to work? Thanks.