Board unavailable [We buy second-hand units]

I’m trying to buy a HiKey970, but is out of stock on every page that I use.
Does anyone know if it’s left for dead? Is there plan to make more? Or maybe other pages where I can buy one?


Board based on the Kirin 970 - HI3670 Application Processor
More info: (Website coming soon…)
Buy now:

I not certain about this, but it may be that some parts of that board are subject to US trade sanctions, which would make it illegal to manufacture.

I have a couple of 960’s I could sell you if you’re desperate for huawei boards. From Canada though, so depending on where you are, shipping could be prohibitively expensive.

Otherwise, I’d recommend going with dragonboard instead.

Hello @doitright, thanks for reply.
The 960 does not fit my need, but thank you for the offer.
I have purchased qualcomm based boards, but a hikey970 is still necessary.

If you don’t mind my asking, in what way is it necessary? Have you considered if there are alternatives?

We use it in some research projects. We have a multiple ARM boards and want duplicates of them to produce faster results.

We tried in a couple of websites that seemed to have some units, but no luck.
If someone wants to sell theirs HiKey970 please send me a message.