Bluetooth A2DP issue on dragonboard 410c





I am facing Bluetooth A2DP issue on dragonboard 410c with a custom lvds panel. The audio starts on bt headset and stops after a second. Whereas , a2dp works fine when default hdmi panel is used instead of our custom panel.

Major change in device tree is to select dsi2lvds chip instead of adv7533.

please advise.


HFP Client SCO audio routing?

@arjun I’m afraid that I haven’t worked with a 410c in over 2 years, and haven’t the faintest idea about how the lvds relates to a2dp, except that the adv7533 receives i2s as an audio sink. I think you’ll need to look carefully at all of your audio routing, which I recall being incredibly (overly) complex on qualcomm devices.


Is it on Android or Linux (Debian, RPB) ? do you have any event in your dmesg or logcat/varlog when the audio stop ?