Best way to get started with Ultra96v2 and Petalinux

Hi All,

Can anyone here recommend the best way to get started with ultra96v2 and petalinux? I have done a lot of work with Vivado/Xsdk 2018.3 using an Ultrazed mostly in a freertos environment integrating a collection of Arduino shields using generic Xilinx IP blocks and some custom Verilog logic.

I would like to migrate this over to an ultra96v2 running Petalinux, maybe integrating ROS. I see there is a BSP available for Vivado 2019.1 has anyone attempted to integrate this with custom PL? Can anyone recommend a path forward?

A 2019.2 BSP is also posted now as well.

If you are new to PetaLinux and you are working on Ultra96-V2, then I would encourage you to look at the training courses available at


Hi Jeremy,

The best way to get started with PetaLinux and the Ultra96-V2 board is to download and install a PetaLinux BSP that Avnet provides. BSPs for PetaLinux 2018.3 and 2019.1 are posted here (a 2019.2 BSP is coming very soon):

Xilinx document #UG1144 is very helpful with getting to know the PetaLinux commands and how to “install” the BSP:

If you need to setup an Ubuntu Linux host Avnet publishes a guide that will help: