Benchmarking in HiKey


I want to compare the HiKey to another A53 based board, but the HiKey seems to ovearheat and shutoff without CPU throttling. I’ve updated to a kernel that accounts for this, but it’s hard to judge benchmarks when speed may be based on ambient temperature at the time. There’s a server room in my building, and I’m wondering if it’d be worth using that for a more cooled, if not more controlled, environment. Has anyone done any work benchmarking the board before?



Linaro has many tuning works on Hikey, for example you can refer Steve Muckle’s presetation for CPUFreq governor benchmark profiling on Hikey: From my understanding, Steve’s work usually has enabled thermal management frameworks.

I guess you are looking for the CPU max capacity without any constraint for CA53 on Hikey, and do some comparison with another board’s CA53 so you want to get straight performance evaluation for one specific CPU type, is this your case?

If so, I place one heat sink on SoC and use a fan to help dissipate heat, usually I use this method to verify software optimization without any constraint by thermal. Please note, this method still let the SoC very heat and may harm your board. IIRC, Hi6220 has hardware mechanism to automatically trigger reset if temperature reach 90’C. So if you have high ambient temperature, it’s possible still to trigger reset board.

Leo Yan



Thanks for the suggestions! Do you have a for a specific model of heat sink, or an installation method for the heat sink, if I’m not familiar? Even going over your own experiences would be great.




Hi Trokon,

Let me check internally for the heat sink model. But it’s quite simple and only need stick it on the top of SoC. After I get more specific info, will let you know.

Leo Yan


Thank you


Hi Trokon,

I checked the heatsink which used at my side, it’s 13mmx12mmx5mm; it has the same model with this ebay page:

Please note, I just use upper linkage as a reference but I have no real experience to purchase headsink from this ebay page. So you could search by self for more familiar ways :slight_smile:

Leo Yan