AVRCP bluetooth profile Testing with DragonBoard410c

I am Using DragonBoard 410c, Running Android Development Version with kernel version qcomlt-4.14.

I have Tested bluetooth HFP which is working fine with my DragonBoard and
now, how can i enable AVRCP profile and Test with DragonBoard 410c

Thanks in advance.

happy new year.

If you have bluetooth working, A2DP/AVRCp is normally supported by the Android BT stack out of the box. What happens when you connect audio headset, any log (logcat) to share?

Thank you Loic for quick response, and yeah audio streaming over bluetooth is working fine which i have Tested with Bluetooth headset.
now i am looking for Video streaming over Bluetooth and controlling using AVRCP

how can i test AVRCP in DragonBoard 410c?

AVRCP is only for sending commands (e.g. pause, play, skip) from a controller, it’s often used in addition of other profile like A2DP for transferring Audio. Both AVRCP/A2DP are already supported by android, and you should then be able to control a AVRCP compatible device. AFAIK, Android does not support video streaming over Bluetooth (e.g. VDP profile), which would be anyway quite limited given Bluetooth throughput.

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