Availability Delay?



is there a delay in availability? Mach 30th has passed since a while but none of the distributor sites have changed, all still just take pre-orders.

Any update here?

Thanks, Axel


Same question here. Would like to order a bunch of boards now.



any update?


Is it possible to purchase the Dragon MB ?


Apologies not to reply sooner. Avnet have updated the availability information on their HiKey page as follows: “Availability update: We expect Hikey boards to be delivered to Avnet or around May 18th, and we will immediately fulfill preorders at that time. We apologize for this delay.”

Beyond “coming summer 2015”, we can’t add any additional information for the DragonBoard at this time.


Hi Ordered @TechnoDisti

They are yet to update any information on the board apart from charging my card

They don’t respond to any customer query by mail or phone(always on voice mail)

I am kind of in the dark. I would appreciate if I can get more information. If needed I can private message the order details to one of the moderators

Please help,
I am so excited about the board… But no update since pre-order is kind of sad… And no customer interaction too… Request someone to help me… I payed like $155… including shipment charges…Not having an update is the last thing I need


vrakesh, I have the same issue with Techno Disti. Part of the problem would seem that Techno Disti is a bad supplier. I certainly don’t recommend that anyone order from them; the price is higher at the other suppliers but at least they’d be likely to communicate with their customers after taking their money.

I would suggest that 96Boards be much more forthcoming. I don’t have much in the way of good will toward them right now and frankly, don’t expect them to step up to the plate and communicate in the future.

As for Techno Disti, perhaps 96Boards should reconsider their relationship with them, or at least not list an irresponsible supplier on their site. Poor, poor form.


Apologies not to update this sooner or respond directly to the comments, we have been working with the manufacturer and distributors during this whole process and they have now assured us that all orders received up to the end of April will be fulfilled by the end of the first week of June.


Thanks steve… Hoping to get it by first week of June


We had ordered from Technodisti back in early March. Fingers crossed!


Great, Technodisti site itself is down… Not feeling hopeful at all


Am feeling very bad, I get a feeling technodisti has shut down itself… And my order is in limbo… One thing is certain please don’t have such people to do your distribution…


Technodisti has had some technical issues and we believe they are working to resolve them. If you have placed an order with them and they have charged your credit card and you have not heard from them or CircuitCo, please email 96Boards@linaro.org with your details and we will follow up to find out the status.


Steve - was one of the distributors you worked with Avnet? I ordered on 4/23 and a coworker ordered two on 4/24 (those are the dates we received confirmation emails). Avnet has a promise date of 6/2 on my order. I contacted customer support and Michelle L replied on 6/1 with “I do not show this scheduled to ship until around 07/29/15.” Needless to say I’ve gotten no shipment info nor has it shown up.



when I asked for the delivery time (or potential delivery time in case I place an order), I got a similar answers. I makes me wonder what the schedule for the HiKey boards really is - are the produces in any significant quantity at all up to now?



Avnet has pushed the “promise date” of my order from February 9th from June 5th to August 12th.

Has anyone got a hikey production board yet?


Late-August seems to be the ‘promise’ for my order, so far… From experience with other first-production-batch electronics, this is typical ‘slippage’… Still frustrating, though…



My availability date had previously moved to 6/30. Today Avnet told me board availability would be 8/27/15 due to factory issues.

Steve Taylor at Linaro has stopped responding to emails about this.

Is this product real? Should we expect Linaro/96boards to actually deliver on their promises?

Why can’t Linaro/96boards provide us with any kind of status?


We’ve kept in constant contact with the manufacturers and distributors and we have been encouraging them to keep people informed about progress. CircuitCo has posted some updates in response to questions on the 96Boards mailing list. On Friday 26 June, they posted two messages: “First shipment to Avnet has been sent followed another today and tomorrow” and “They should be showing stock by Monday, it takes them a few days to shelve after receipt.”


I didn’t know about the mailing list. Only this blog. If Avnet shipment did happen why are they now telling people with orders from April that the date is 8/27? A friend who had two boards on order called Avnet this morning and got the same answer. He then canceled his order.