Audio mezzanine P4 connector to 410C J7 connector

I just got my DragonBoard 410C and the Audio Mezzanine SEEED (both from Arrow). The 410C has the soldering space for the J7 analog exp. The mezzanine has a P4 2x8 female mating connector at the underside of the board.

Do I need to solder a male connector to the 410C before I can use the mezzanine?

Or can I use the P4 connector to attach the needed audio devices?

Thanks for the support.

Hello @waterwin,
Here are the instructions:
Have a nice day.

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That is quick and exactly what I so far had not found:

Note: If you already have a DragonBoard 410c, you will need the Audio Mezzanine Board and an Audio Pin Header to solder on the DragonBoard

Thanks a lot for the help!