Audio Input & Output with Windows IoT


I’ve installed the latest Windows 10 IoT Insider Preview build on the Dragonboard 410c. I’ve also connected the Audio Mezzanine Board and am now trying to get audio input & output through the headphone jack using a splitter for microphone and headphones.
I wrote a small UWP app to see all audio devices and I only get these two:
Speaker: Speakers (QCAUD Real Time (WaveRT) Driver for Qualcomm SoC)
Microphone: Internal Microphone (QCAUD Real Time (WaveRT) Driver for Qualcomm SoC)

I also only get the onboard microphone to work.
Do I have to activate the Audio Board / headphone jack somewhere on the hardware or software side?


Do you success finall and gotten Cortana works?


Please remote into the IoT device to check the settings. Under “Cortana” the “Let Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana”” check to see if it is disabled. Enable that setting “Hey Cortana” and it should work just fine. If you don’t have mouse/keyboard/remote connected in order to go through the setup (language, wifi, Cortana) it will default to “Hey Cortana” being off. On the older AK it seems like that defaulted to ON.

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I think I db410c basic board do not have microphone and speaker on it, what audio device is easy for setup? does a bluetooth speaker with handfree mic works?


Hi @Azlun

I have been using the Audio Mezzanine board from Arrow Electronics.

Once you have the Audio Mezzanine attached you can use the onboard mic, or a standard 3.5mm headset.

Full Disclosure, I am an employee of Qualcomm Canada, any opinions I may have expressed in this or any other post may not reflect the opinions of my employer.


In the next document lm80-p0436-43_stereocontaudioroutappnote I watched that I can route audio from HDMI to analog outputs and Mic, there are some instructions to make the change in Android how can I do the same on Windows I need to work with the analog J7 expansion.

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I have nearly the same issue. I need to use the J7 connector, but from my UWP app (running latest build of Windows 10 IoT Core), i have no sound from the analog output. When i connect a small Speaker directly to the first two Pins (SPKR_OUT_P and SPKR_OUT_M), i have Sound. But i Need the analog Audio jack Output.

Can someone help me out please?

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Any news on this issue?


Recently, Qualcomm did release a new version (2120) of their BSP for the Dragonboard 410c. The changelog says, that there is now support for HDMI Audio on the Dragonboard on Windows IoT Core. When building my own FFU with this new BSP, based on the current Windows IoT Core release (non insider), it seems not to work, i think i should be able to change the audio device, but i have no such device listed. Is it correct, that Microsoft has to implement that feature in the Windows IoT Core first? As i saw, the latest insider preview is built on the older (2118) BSP version, which seems not to support HDMI audio.

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HDMI audio can be enabled with this reg key:

reg add HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Services\QCAUD\TopologySpeaker\Device0\DeviceConfig /v DeviceID /t REG_DWORD /d 0x46 /f

This works now with the new BSP. But i can’t get the analog MIC input to work. Does someone know, if it is working, or if there is a bug?

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Hi @ljking, which version of the Windows 10 iot OS and BSP does you use? The stereo and mic of the Audio Mezzanine Board can’t work with Windows 10 Iot OS build 17763 with BSP V2120.
Any idea about how to fix this problem?
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