Audio BCLK error

Hello Team,

We are working on a product based on APQ8016 and Linaro 18.01.

After examining the file captured clearly reveal that capturing in 24-bit has a error in the recording accuracy

You can see from the measurements (attached) of BCLK:

BCLK = 1.5396M @ 16 bit (expected BCLK = 48K * 16 bits * 2 = 1.526MHz)
BCLK = 2.401M @24 bit (expected BCLK = 48K * 24 bits * 2 = 2.304MHz)

Seems this mistake is translated to an error on the file recorded, probably coming from the BCLK error

We have also did DNP of our codec and measured the clock coming directly from processor, that was same.

For 16bit, peak frequency = 1.002K (expected 1K , 0.2% error)
For 24bit , peak frequency = 0.96K (expected 1K, 4% error)

Can you please help to resolve these BCLK and peak frequency errors?

Parth Y Shah

16-bit BCLK

24-bit BCLK

Hello Team,

Any update here?