Audio and Microphone on Android OS for DragonBoard™ 410c


You missed the point Kiran, I want the bar on the side like that, and it is.

The PROBLEM is that the CONTENTS of the bar are BLANK. The buttons are missing from the bar.

This problem happens when the display is set to 720p.

Try this:


Disregard last. You have an email.


doitright, did you ever get analog microphone input working? analog audio out?


How should I change the /system/etc/mixer_paths_sbc.xml file in order to get audio from the J7 pins instead of the hdmi?
It is not wrriten in the pdf what exectly should be edited, just written:

To change the default behavior, edit the file
device/qcom/msm8916_32/mixer_paths_sbc.xml based on the use case and push the file
into DragonBoard 410c via adb to /system/etc/ .

not very helping


Hi @doitright,
I am trying to install this patch on DB410c. Does this patch route Audio out at Headphone and mic at ADC2?