ATF Support on 410c


Is there any plan to Support/port ARM Trusted Firmware to the DragonBoard 410c Platform?
(ATF consisting of Bootloader (BL1/BL2) and Secure Monitor Runtime Firmware (BL3-1))
So far I didnt see any branch/ info for the DragonBoard on



The SnapDragon processor in the DragonBoard 410c does not support ARM Trusted Firmware. This chip supports Qualcomm’s own secure environment and you can read more about it here:
We have passed on your question to Qualcomm and will let you know if they can provide any further information.


I was looking at a Linaro Presentation about ATF at:

where on Slide 9 the statement for ATF was made:
"We would like upstream platform support for all 96 board devices"
So I was hoping that would be also the case for the Dragonboard, although I understand that this depends on the vendor.
Also looking at the most recent Bootloader thread:
states that PBL ans SBL are vendor proprietary and the first open source component is Little Kernel as Applicaiton Bootloader (not mentioning anythig about the EL3 Runtime Monitor Firmware, which is probably also vendor proprietary).
If I understand things correctly that means if I want to experiment/ play around with Arm Trusted Firmwware on a 96Board I cannot use the Dragonboard 410c but have to choose another vendors 96board.
If someone has a different understanding or if you have a response from Qualcomm (as indicate abouve) any update is appreciated. Thanks