Arrow has terrible customer support. Where else can I buy a dragonboard?


I am wondering what options we have for purchasing a dragonboard. I purchased a few of them from arrow a month ago. They took my money, and that’s where they stopped. After a few weeks passed, I called them to inquire about the order and they said that I had to fill out a form, scan it, and email it back. I did what they asked, and asked about how long we could expect for delivery. I received no response. Today I called them again, and now they are saying its another 3 weeks at least.

Is there another retailer selling the dragonboard 410c? Arrow is acting very incompetent and unable to communicate. I would prefer to buy the dragonboards from somebody else in the future.


Well, that is kind of a difficult order, considering that Arrow is actually the manufacturer…

I haven’t had any problems with Arrow myself, except for inquiring about component purchases (i.e. quotes). They don’t seem to be all that capable of dealing with non corporate purchasers.

The DB410 was an easy order since it was in stock, and therefore no communications with them needed.

Best of luck…


The general availability of the DragonBoard 410c has been delayed awaiting FCC certification. While the board has been tested to be FCC compliant, the actual process of certification is taking longer than expected. We are currently anticipating that the DragonBoard will be shipped by the end of September.

If you are only intending to use the DragonBoard for development purposes as a component of your overall project, and warrant that your use of the DragonBoard is as an evaluation kit as defined by FCC Rules, 47 C.F.R. §2.1, then Arrow may be able to ship your DragonBoard sooner if you contact them and complete a form to confirm your usage.


I presume that they must have been able to send mine because I’m outside of the US, and therefore not subject to the FCC…?


After a few weeks of not hearing back from Arrow, I called them on the phone and they told me the same thing. I filled out that form and emailed it back. After that, I called them again and they said I’d still have to wait a few weeks.


@giatnpune - May I ask, where you are located?


I’m in southeastern United States.