ARM Dev Boards with PCIe 3.0

We see that PCIe RC (Root Complex) of Hikey 960 supports PCIe 2.0.
We realize that even in Hikey 970, the Kirin 970 PCIe RC supports only upto PCIe 2.0.
Is there any road map to create a Hikey board with PCIe RC that supports PCIe 3.0 ?

Don’t know for Hikey, but the RB3 (Dragonboard 845) has PCIe 3.0 available via HS2 connector.

Thanks for the response Loic.
Appreciate if any one supporting Hikey Boards can provide some feedback on their PCIe 3.0 RC roadmap, is there any Hikey Board in pipeline that would have a PCIe 3.0 RC.