APQ8096: Venus: v4l2-encode byte-stream size increased when use sleep in application


We are using v4l2-encode application from https://git.linaro.org/people/stanimir.varbanov/v4l2-encode.git and encode using h264 codec in 820 platform with Linux kernel version 4.14.96.

In default application code encoded.h264 file size is 12MB approx but when we use sleep of 1 second at the end of the while loop in main_thread_func, the size of encoded.h264 increased to 39MB.

So our concern is why size of encoded file is increased when using sleep? even with the same configuration like resolution and frame count. Or is this an expected behavior?

We have tried with h265 codec also and observed same behavior of size increasing while using sleep. Also tried with Linux kernel version 5.4.28 and observed same behavior.