APQ8016E ili9341 Display Driver

Hello Everyone,

  • I am working on the snapdragon410c with linaro and eclipse via windows.
  • I have enabled the SPI via spidev

I am trying to find the best way for this board to support the display.

From what I know my options are;

  1. convert the HDMI port to FFC
  2. connect the GPIO to the pins on the display via SPI
  3. make a custom board to convert the high speed expansion to breakout header/pins

My questions are;

  1. If I connect the display to the GPIO should I attempt to port the fbcp driver?
  • I don’t know if it’s possible as the FBCP driver is for the raspberry pi but is using Linux.
  1. Would the HDMI to FFC be the best option as it may work directly with the board?

  2. Would a breakout board for the high speed expansion work, as I haven’t found documentation on how to program the board for the HS expansion pins?

I want to learn how to appropriately get this display and touch panel working with the APQ8016E processor,

I do not know if there is a driver or working solution already available or if I will have to rebuild the kernel or compile a program for the display to function.

Any and all help is appreciated, I can share all source work and notes for the project on GitHub.

To be honest interfacing this display via HDMI or LVDS sounds expensive to me. When I say I expensive I mean I suspect the parts you’d need to adapt the signals are more expensive (in small quantities) than just purchasing a cheap HDMI display from China…

Thus I’d be inclined to look at SPI simply because the price is right!

Whether you shoul use fbtft or fbcp depends to some extent on your requirements. Both should work but animation may work better with fbcp, especially if you can’t crank up the SPI bus speed as high as you like.

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