APQ8016: fastboot flash failed for tz partition


I am trying to run Android OS on DB410c and following this link for the same.

I have observed that from 20.02 release onward, tz.mbn was not getting flashed using fastboot in bootloader for Android because of the size issue, and getting below error:

Sending 'tz' (591 KB)                              OKAY [  0.023s]
Writing 'tz'                                       FAILED (remote: 'size too large')
fastboot: error: Command failed

I have checked bootloader from 20.02 (dragonboard-410c-bootloader-emmc-aosp-137.zip), 20.07 (dragonboard-410c-bootloader-emmc-aosp-145.zip) and 20.11 (dragonboard-410c-bootloader-emmc-aosp-150.zip) release and getting same issue with all.

In 19.01 (dragonboard-410c-bootloader-emmc-aosp-110.zip) bootloader, there is no issue.

I am trying to run Android from Stable Snapshot 99 (https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard/dragonboard410c/downloads/android.md.html) and also want to use latest bootloader images. So can you please provide updated bootloader package or gpt image with increased size.


hey! thanks for finding this… I confirm it’s a bug…
It’s coming from

When we switch from old to new tools to generate the partition table the TZ size was set incorrectly!

I will push a change , and there will be a new build here http://snapshots.linaro.org/96boards/dragonboard410c/linaro/rescue/ in the next day or so.


I have used http://snapshots.linaro.org/96boards/dragonboard410c/linaro/rescue/157/ bootloader and there is no issue in flashing TZ.

Thank you for you quick support.