AOSP: Update mesa freedreno drivers

Can anyone help me update Mesa freedreno drivers. Currently on latest master in AOSP Mesa version is 20.3.4 but since release 21, Mesa has enabled OpenGL 3.2 support for Freedreno. I tried following this link to update inside AOSP but build didn’t finish with error libgbm already defined by external/minigbm.

Might need to remove external/minigbm?
Or might be a fundamental conflict.
If you can’t get through it, you might want to just be patient. AOSP 12 is likely to be merged shortly, and I would anticipate some updates to externals.

And note that on the link you provided, they’re referring to a release branch of AOSP: android-11.0.0_r37 – you are using master branch. There are some major differences.