AOSP for DragonBoard - How to discover Android version



Hello, everyone. I followed the steps described in this topic ( and I could boot this Android in my DB410c.
But when I try to discover the Android version, all I can see is ‘Q’.
I think that is Android 9, because the repo init is from master in this step:

repo init -u -b master
$ git clone .repo/local_manifests -b dragonboard

But I want to make sure that is Android 9. Can someone help me with that? Is in fact Android 9? Or 8?

Thanks in advance!


Master is the public development branch. Its more than 9, but less than 10 (which hasn’t yet been released to the public). After 10 has been released to the public, it will be more than 10, but less than 11.


Thank you!! I just wanted to be sure! <3