AOSP db845c LS1 I2C0 and SPI0 not working


I am trying to use I2C and SPI ports on LS1 with AOSP on db845c running Android 12 and Linux 5.10. I am using latest master branch of device/linaro/dragonboard with firmware from Linaro vendor package 20220303.

When trying to use I2C0 on LS1 port, communication is not working. I got error messages from driver about timeout:
[ 4.720009] geni_i2c a98000.i2c: I2C TXN timed out
[ 5.743999] geni_i2c a98000.i2c: Timeout abort_m_cmd
Nothing happen on the signals.
I2C1 port is working correctly, so it looks like I2C driver is OK.

When trying to use SPI0 on LS1 port, communication is working but no signal is emitted on the pins and no signal to the chip. It is even working when nothing is connected on the SPI port!

It looks like there is some mismatch in GPIO configuration for QUP controllers. Linux DTS looks OK.

Do you have any idea what to do to fix this issue? Has someone been able to have I2C/SPI port of LS1 working correctly with this software setup?

Thanks for your help,