AOSP Automotive 9


Huh. I was all set to test today, and got hit with the bluetooth scan bug:

Edit: Got that straightened out and managed to pair it with my phone, I have the hikey960 tethering via bluetooth, and my phone has network via wifi.

So far, I’ve made it through more than a dozen runs of speedtest and have NOT managed to crash the bluetooth. I’ll keep hammering it, but for now it is very promising. If it stands up to this today, I’ll try raising the baud rate tomorrow, see if it can handle 3M.

… now past 30 runs and still going. It never would have made it this far before. It would usually crash out in 2-3 runs, 5 tops.


@doitright Great to hear! Those changes got merged yesterday. I also posted a workaround to bug #808 to gerrit to hopefully prod the developers to look a bit more into the issue.

Be aware, with the dma enablement, we do occasionally trip over a k3dma issue:

But I suspect we can get a solution for that soon.


Yeah, I noticed that dma bug, and was going to ask you about it. So far, it seems that even with that dma bug, its a hell of a lot more stable than before. I’m pushing close to a hundred runs of speedtest and its still holding.

Is it possible that that bug doesn’t affect the Android 4.9 kernel? Up at the top you mention mainline WIP kernel.


Potentially! I’ve not looked closely at the k3dma 4.9 delta from upstream.


Hmm, its actually looking like I might not be tripping it just because I’m not running it as fast. Your kernel has uart4 set for 3000000 baud. AOSP 4.9 is at 921600. I won’t be able to test out higher speeds today, but I should be able to by tomorrow.

I might have hit that one.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any uart board with me, so I didn’t actually see what it said, but the board appeared to shut down, for lack of a better way to describe it, and I couldn’t get any action (including via USB-C) except by pulling the plug. This board also has a Toshiba UFS and running UEFI, so its hitting that bug too, which obviously isn’t doing me any favors.


hi all,

does someone know who to modify styles and themes used by e.g the car dialer. For example, I want to change Theme.Car.Light.NoActionBar.Drawer. I found the xml files in frameworks/support/car/res/value.

At first I modified them directly. But it didnt have an effect.

So I tried the overlay approach and added a new overlay_new folder to device/linaro/hikey and copied frameworks/support/car/res/value/themes.xml to it and made changes there. In order to make the folder public to the build system I added PRODUCT_PACKAGE_OVERLAYS += /device/linaro/hikey/overlay_new to But that didnt work either.

My assumption is that frameworks/support/car/res/value/themes.xml is the wrong file and not taken at all.

Does anyone have a clue?


Did you run a “make clean” before you built it with the changes?


Yes, unfortunately still same result :frowning:


You know, I don’t think that PRODUCT_PACKAGE_OVERLAYS actually supports a list, and it was my fault for misleading you on that in . I should have used := instead of +=

Try adding your overlays into overlay_car/


I added my overlay into overlay_car but I got no result.

I think I am modifying the wrong file. From my understanding modifying the original files (without overlay) should work anyway. But even this doesn’t work.

These are the files where I edited Theme.Car.Light.NoActionBar.Drawer without any result:

  1. prebuilts/sdk/current/car/car/res/values/values.xml
  2. prebuilts/sdk/current/support/car/res/values/values.xml
  3. frameworks/support/car/res/value/themes.xml


Then I suppose the question is whether or not you made a change that would be visible and that you would recognize.

I actually think that you would be better off working closer to the application(s) that you wish to alter than changing system wide styles.


Thanks for your response!

Putting my changes to application’s theme has visible effects. So that should work in my opinion.

Yeah but I would like to add a style for not just one application. Thats the reason. But I will keep trying.


Speaking of your automotive board, how is that going? Are you looking for early adopters yet?


Been so extremely busy with other more pressing things that it’s had to take a back burner.