AOSP 8.1 stable?

It seems that android-8.1.0_r1 builds and… boots.
But its on the 4.4 kernel and there is clearly NO graphics acceleration working at all. Its pretty terrible just to move a mouse cursor across the screen.

Is there anyone working on getting proper support for this into AOSP stable?

Just FYI, I am seeing the same behaviour on a hikey (620 based) board as well.


I can confirm the same behavior on r2 (Hikey960).
Kernel v 4.9 doesn’t seem to make a difference either.

You really would need to pull in the master branch for device/linaro/*

Also make sure that you do NOT have a type-A to type-C wire plugged into the hikey960 unless the type-A end is actually connected to a host, this triggers a bug which manifests as extremely poor graphics performance.

Hi @rubberduck203, @doitright, have you updated the ramdisk.img with latest building?

Before I encountered the UI very slow issue, that was caused by I still used one old ramdisk.img but not the lastest one so cannot match with updated system.img. You issues might not the same with this, but it’s good to remind.

@leo-yan : This is the bug I am referring to;

We’ve seen that.
Our USB is plugged in on both ends.

My colleagues think this is related to the hwcomposer.

The Android 8.1.0 releases do not provide graphics hardware acceleration. The master branch has code in
hardware/interfaces/graphics/composer/2.1/default/Hwc.cpp that will use gralloc if hwcomposer is not available. This if block is not part of the android-8.1.0_r2 release.

Two things have to happen in order for hardware acceleration to be in place for hikey960:

  1. needs the line: TARGET_USES_HWC2 := true
  2. There needs to be a hikey960-specific implementation of hwcomposer which then needs to be included as a package in device/linaro/hikey/hikey960/

Writing a hikey960-specific version of hwcomposer will be the most time-consuming part.

Thanks mtromp. I’m interested in using the lower latency of VR-mode on hikey960, but is that even possible right now? The rock is the lack of VR-flinger in 7.1 and the hard place is the lack of a hwc2 for the hikey960. As far as I can see, the only currently available hwc2 are for msm8996 and msm8998. Is there any hope for VR-mode on hikey960 in the near future?