Anyone faced issue with the Poplar LS Expansion SPI0 interface?



Has anyone tried to connect any device to the Poplar’s LS SPI0 interface to confirm whether the SPI0 actually works to support a connect SPI slave device? I’ve tried to get the TPM device within the Secure96 mezzanine board to work connecting the SPI0 interface. The Secure96 also has two other Amtel ICs connected over the I2C bus and I’m able to bring those device up but having the darnest time with the TPM IC over SPI0. I tried modifying device tree to include the gpio’s connected to the TPM and modified the tpm driver to asset the TPM reset line but still no packet transfer on the SPI bus. Tried modifying the SPI PL022 driver probe function to directly talk so the spi slave as well but no dice. Perhaps i’m just doing something wrong but thought I reach out to the forum to see if anyone has been succesfull connecting any devices to the LS expansion bus with the SPI0 bus.