Any limitation in HW support using upstream kernel/distros of Linaro?

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I saw there’d been a discussion about the different btw kernel/distros officially supported by Qualcomm vs ones supported by Linaro : Can anyone explain to me what essential differences between linaro and codeaurora?

I understand that the Qualcomm’s resource is not easy and straight forward to access (there might also separated patches & stuffs to make the board run with the downstream kernel of Qualcomm). Therefore, for Qualcomm RB5, I would like to know if there’s limitation in term of HW support if the upstream kernel (i.e. the one supported by Linaro) is used, please ?

For example, I would like to patch in order to enable the Fully Preempt Kernel. And I would assume that this task would take less effort by using the Linaro upstream kernel (with example of Dragonboard845c-RB3) than the Qualcomm kernel. But I worry that by this way I could not have full HW functional especially for advance HW blocks such as image processing or deep learning, etc.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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