Any instruction of booting Fuchsia on Hikey 960?


Hi ,

I’ve see that VIM2 has announced that fuchsia could be run on it and it use a uboot.
So will Hikey 960 could run with Fuchsia and if there is any instruction or hacks needed to do that?


Hi @butter,

AFAIK, @ric96 played with it and even published a blog on booting the magenta kernel on HiKey960. You can find it below:



Since that blog post was written I think the Fushcia kerenl was renamed (which has broken all the links). The Fushcia project documentation for Hikey960 is here:


I am trying to boot fuchsia on hikey960. The fvm partiton Pave method fails as there is no /dev/class/block devices getting detected. The hikey960 has 32G UFS flash. Whether the driver support is available in zircon?