Any example for jpeg encoding on rockchip_mpp?

I am looking for hardware encoder of rockchip_mpp, as encoding JPEG (100%) in grayscale image.
I’d compiled rockchip_mpp and tested compile&link with ffmpeg (w/ rkmpp) as well.
So I believe it should be able to use rockchip_mpp to encoding image to JPEG in hardware level, but there’s nothing like example within MPEG video (H.26x).
I need encode an image thru rkmpp in realtime, wish to impressive faster than CPU time.
Searched many time with google but seems hard to find out actual examples.
So I begging here, is there any helpful example ?

Regards, Raph.K.

This is a gstreamer specific implementation, but the following should help (cf gst_mpp_jpeg_enc_open and gst_mpp_jpeg_enc_set_format) :

Dear @Loic,
Thank you !
I’ll be check this !

Dear @Loic,
I’ve tried many times to use mpp in my all RK3399 boards, but all failure by mpp fd zero issue.
I’d written a new issue for solve this in here.
Thank you !