Android with OPTEE


I have purchased a Hikey board to test out OPTEE with Android. My board is set to arrive today and I have gone through tutorials for setting up OPTEE and Android independently but not together. Has any one tried this combination before and can someone share the steps for the same. Also will I require a uart cable to view the secure world console debugger? All my past development was done on QEMU, this is the first time I have purchased a physical board.

Thank you


Follow the directions in the repo below:

The secure world console defaults to the same as the normal world since these are just development boards, so you only need one uart cable. The uart cable is just a microUSB-USB cable if you use the UART adapter board (

Having both consoles together can make it hard to read, but if you want to separate them out, then you will need another uart cable (adapter board won’t work). You’ll also have some soldering to do since the connector pins are not there.


Thank you for your reply!