Android Things on the Dragonboard?

Hey folks,
Is there any plans for a port of Android Things to the Dragonboard?

Much as full featured Android is a great asset on the Dragonboard, I had a lot of trouble with the lack of clear and easy API for controlling the hardware interfaces, something that Android Things has nailed pretty nicely.

I’m currently using a Raspberry Pi 3 with Android Things and I’d love to be able to use my Dragonboard as well.

Just found this, so I take it that it will!? Does anyone have an ETA?

There is a Brillo port:

Not really sure what APIs have changed between the Brillo developer previews and the Android Things ones…

Hey thanks @danielt, I’ll definitely check that out. Hopefully there’s isn’t too much effort until the latest release of Things is ported then.

Hi Ben/ Deniel,

Please share the reference and the procedure for bringing up Android Things on Dragonboard


Hi Vinay

I’m afraid I only know that it exists! I’ve never tried to use it (and I can’t remember any HOWTOs or other success reports being previously posted to the forum.


Can you please share whatever you have. Is Android Things an closed source?

The link above is everything I have I’m afraid. Sorry!