Android sensor porting

Hi Everyone,

I am new android platform. i am trying to interface MPU6050 gyroscope sensor to dragon board.
it has built in driver, i didn’t change anything in code. when i turn on it was present in sys/class/sensors directry but problem its not working in app (.apk file),means when i install sensor app it wont get any data.

  1. Is there anything need to change in nativesenormanger.cpp or other files…?
    please give me suggestion.

Thanks and Regards,
chethan kumar


No there is no any change nativesenormanger.cpp.

Are you getting your driver is registered with input subsystem ?
You can check it through “getevent” command from adbshell.

As you said you haven’t changed anything in code so by default MPU6050 works as polling mode , so if your driver registered successfully than you will get continues data in “getevent” , Are you able to see it ?



Please search for “android sensor porting” keywords, you have to implement HAL to make app works.


Thank you for your response.

i was checked through getevent command but i didn’t get any response .
after that i reloaded the system.img,persist.img , userdata.img and boot.img
it is working now. but i didn’t get what was the problem.

can you please explain about all images except boot.img and how to build…?

and also trying to interface ov5645 camera module but i am new to this please help me.

Thanks and regards,
chethan kumar