Android master branch - issue with adb


I just created a hiket image following the instructions described here:

The board is booting correctly, but I have a very strange behavior regarding ADB. My windows PC detects an “Android Composite ADB Interface” device but with an error message indicating "This device cannot start, code 10"
I never seen such error.
And if I execute adb devices, it does not show any device.

Then if I look at the serial console when I plug the USB, I have the following message:
[ 1851.935338] dwc2 f72c0000.usb: Do port resume before switching to device mode
[ 1852.011357] dwc2 f72c0000.usb: dwc2_hsotg_enqueue_setup: failed queue (-11)
[ 1852.468814] dwc2 f72c0000.usb: new device is high-speed
[ 1852.564228] dwc2 f72c0000.usb: new device is high-speed
[ 1852.598414] dwc2 f72c0000.usb: new address 32
[ 1852.655653] configfs-gadget gadget: high-speed config #1: b
[ 1852.666661] android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=CONFIGURED

Does anybody knows what is my issue ?

thanks in advance.

Latest AOSP images build on master branch is not booting

Seems to be an issue on Windows Driver side, could you try to update your driver in device manager ?
Did you already make adb work with the Hikey or other Android device on your PC?


Hi Loic,

many thanks for your answer.
I think I have USB Driver rev 11, the latest version I guess.
I have already been able to detect Hikey960, but never a Hikey.

I have big difficulties to setup a working image, and this is the first time I have been able to see it booting correctly.
If you have any advice, I can build another image.



For information, I have been able to see an Hikey device with my PC in another image (android 7.1.2, see topic AOSP 7.1.2 r33 stuck in boot loop on HiKey), in which I have other issues than those described here.