Android is not display with Kernel 4.9 Hikey 960

On my hikey 960 board android is not displaying . adb shell is working form me .
I am using kernel version 4.9,158-11679-ge4b92c973e1a

Are there any alternative displays you can try with? The pixel clock on the Hikey960 isn’t controllable enough to generate exactly the normal HDMI frame timings so the board generates the closest available alternative. Some display devices (especially television based ones) do not correctly display the output.

Its working with kernel 4.14 on the same device and TV . Problem with kernel 4.9 . Do I add any patch for this ?

I’m not aware of anything. What is the display device?

Thoshiba - Power TV LCD Color TV - Model No - 19HV10ZE

What is the source of the 4.9? Are you self-building? If so, how? Are you aware that the boot image, dts, and vendor image all have to match for the kernel version you are selecting?

Between 4.9 and 4.14 we switched to the drm_hwcomposer. If you want to boot 4.9, you need to do AOSP build w/ TARGET_KERNEL_USE=4.9, and install the vendor image (which holds the gralloc/hwc code) as well as the boot image.

Unfortunately the AOSP build system can leave behind objects built from previous builds (if you built 4.14 before hand), so either do a make clobber, or:
rm find out/target/product/ | grep gralloc
rm find out/target/product/ | grep hwc

before building w/ TARGET_KERNEL_USE=4.9