Android Google Play Store


I am trying to install android google play store for installing applications.
But after installing google play services and play store, It is taking long time
to login to account and never coming to next screen keep on loading …

Please help in installing google play store on dragonboard 410c



what the junk it is ?



Did you ever find a solution to this problem?





I’m trying to install the correct google play services and google play store versions. Any input!?

The google play store is a generic build but the services has build versions if you look. I can’t get any to work. Need the google play store to work.



Hi Joe

I’m afraid that we really can’t help you install Google Play on the Dragonboard 410c, there simply isn’t a properly licensed version of the Google Play Services available for the board.



Hello Danielt,
If i want to install app is there any other way?
Can i sideload app over adb?

Thanks in advance .!


I use the following method:

  1. Install the program on my phone.
  2. backup the apk to some folder and transfer it to PC
  3. Use adb to install the apk on the DragonBoard.


Thanks Leonid, as you say side loading should work well. It’s merely a question of where you get the .apk files from.

For that there are alternative app stores you could try (note that I’ve not tested any of these specifically on the Dragonboard 410c but I think they all use side-loading to get started). f-droid is good if you want to stick to free-and-open-source software or you could look at one of the commercial app stores.


There are several installable packages at the following location:

Be sure to choose ARM64 and the correct operating system.


Hi jack,
I tried to install Gapp by using adb commands.But i got error “Installation aboarted”.

I did like this:

  1. go to recovery mode apply update from ADB
  2. adb sideload <>

Give me suggestion.