Android google maps application not displaying maps


Hi everyone,
I am new to the snapdragon 410 c development board.I have installed Android M image.It boots properly and i am able to install android applications.I have installed my own android map application which makes use of google APIs.But the map is not getting displayed(it works fine in my phone).
When I open my app,it gives notification to update the google play services.But I am unable to go inside playstore(I am even unable to create a google account).
Things I have done:

1.I installed the latest version of google play services apk.Even then its not getting displayed.
2.I installed google play services as a system apk using make file.No effect.
3.I installed some other applications involving google maps,(None of the maps is getting displayed , Only Google’s own Maps.apk displays the map)

It would be very helpful,if you guys suggest me on this issue.


Safe to assume that your app is already built against the proper version/level of google API?


Yupe I have built to the play service version(10.0.84).It works fine with my android phone.In logs,it gives me error
"Failed to find provider info for".I have googled it many times,but found no solution.


Hello Srinath,
In “Accounts” can you add your Google account and register properly from the DragonBoard?

Another question (not related to this issue but for my interest) you mentioned the Android M image. Which image is this? The version 118 from the 96Boards?


This is the patch that I have used : PATCH_8x16_410c_LA.BR.1.2.7-01010-8x16.0 .


Mh? I supposed that you got it from Qualcomm. I am using the one suggested (and already compiled) from 96Boards. I do not know what reference number this will be related to the Patch.
Thank you for the answer.

For the other question: can you add your Google account in the DragonBoard?


Which accounts you are talking about?is that the G-account in the board(which I am unable to create–>displays a white screen) ? if not ,Can u tell me where that “Accounts tab” is and why should I add this account?


Hello, I am talking about going to the Setting of Android and looking for adding accounts. And add the Goolge account.
If you cannot register Play will not work as well.
I was in the past working on installing Google Services here is the thread, (Terzon helped me).

But when I tried again later, after having loaded the Android image 99 and using the same procedure as described in the thread I could not make it register anymore.
It locks when I was trying to register my account. Probably your white page.

Also note that DragonBoard has no licence to use the Google services.
I also gave up, since, in my opinion, the Google services slows down the power on and there are other way to find apps.