Android ADB device not found (host Fedora)

Hi All!. I’ve just installed linaro AOSP Q (lunch: db410c32_only-userdebug). I’m trying to initiate adb from my Fedora host, but adb can not find any device. I’m using an usb connection. dmesg shows no message when I connect the usb cable to the host.
I’ve checked that USB debugging is enabled in Android.

Thank you!

@pundiramit, any info on this, is gadget mode enabled and ADB supposed to work on AOSP?

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USB gadget support is missing in db410c BSP (both upstream and Qcomlt-4.14 tree), so no ADB or any other Android gadget is supported.

There are, however, few out of tree patches floating around which can get USB gadgets working. Cherry pick top 3 patches from and rebuild the your kernel for ADB support. These patches are incomplete though and user need to manually switch between USB host and gadget mode from commandline.
Run following commands to switch between Gadget and Host modes:

 echo host > /sys/bus/platform/devices/ci_hdrc.0/role
 echo gadget  > /sys/bus/platform/devices/ci_hdrc.0/role

Default mode is gadget.

Amit Pundir