Analog to mipi chip (CSI) driver

I want to develop a driver for a analog to mipi converter chip. The configuration interface is I2C-3 (HS). Can you refer me a template driver I should refer to start.
Chip is intersil TW9992.


This looks like it might yield some useful information for you;

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Thanks @doitright.
i will try this resource and will share the feedback.

@doitright I am sorry for sharing the incomplete information. I need this driver for debian. I think the resource you pointed is for android.

It’s definitely a Linux driver, not a hal.
But it sounds like your attitude has already doomed your project. Nobody is going to write a driver special for you.

Thanks @doitright
Doomed-Not Yet,
It is in feasibility phase. I will keep you informed about the same :slightly_smiling_face: