Add new package into build environment


I have a junior question about 410C platform here.
I am trying to integrate wipower softwore on “LA.BR.1.2.7-01010-8x16.0-4” release.
The package is here:

And I put the package on the path under “vendor/qcom/opensource” or “framework/base/packages/”, but it doesn’t build my package when I use make command to build whole code base. If I use “mmm + path”, it will be able to build. And i never met same issue on another platform…:frowning:

Is there anyone could guild me what wrong with this :slight_smile: ?

Aichi Chen.

Note that the root android makefile ( only includes subdir if BOARD_USES_WIPOWER is defined, so you basically need to add BOARD_USES_WIPOWER := true to your, usually under device/… directory. Then I suppose you have to select the requested packages into your device makefile (e.g. PRODUCT_PACKAGES += wipowerservice)

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Actually I have also remove this “BOARD_USES_WIPOWER := true” and add requested packages into my device makefile. But it still not be able to build :frowning:

I found when I use “make” to build, it will walk through all makefiles in each subfolders, but just wont compile codes.

is this the first time you are compiling the build ?
did you try make clean ?