Adb fails sometime in Hikey960

Hello Everyone,
I am using Hikey 960 board for that I have cloned AOSP from below link and build using below mentioned commands.
repo init -u -b master
repo sync -j24
. ./build/
lunch hikey960-userdebug
make -j4
And used hikey-linaro kernel 4.14.
git clone
But with this board is not working properly.
When I try to run command sudo adb root, board is getting hanged sometimes, when I flash the images which are build in other PC, board is working properly. Below is the commit id’s of AOSP for both the systems, which i have taken from .repo/manifests.git/refs/heads/default.

Working Setup:
-> 45e21d7acfbf9ad36b26c06d400aedba02ef70ba
Non Working setup:
-> 3fad0141abe0d37b6b457db30ab34ab2800d9719

Thanks in advance.