ADB device nor found


I´m trying to connect my dragonboard 410c device with debian installed to my laptop(mac osx). However, I can´t see the device when I type ./adb devices. mouse and keyboard are not plugged in, so I don´t have any USB cable connected. Any clues on what´s going on?


adb is not included in the Debian based images. You need to use ssh (over
wlan or with a usb ethernet dongle) or serial console.

Hello @anon91830841

Did not getting what you said in your previous reply actually earlier i was using android o.s on dragonboard410c but there also i am not able to detect my device or adb or any devices. Using command prompt i typed adb and i got error “adb is not recognized as an internal or external bash command”?
i tried to figure it out but not able to solve this problem since long ? Please help.

Thanks in Advance.