ADB Connection Issues


I am having issues connecting to my HiKey board over both usb (Type A to Micro-USB) and tcp. I have applied the latest images and boot loader from and . Developer mode and usb debugging is enabled on the android device. When I connect via tcp I receive connection refused and when I connect via USB, I see a “ADB Gadget” device in Windows 10 but when I run “adb devices” nothing shows up. The only jumper I have closed is pin 1-2 for auto power-on. The USB google driver is installed.

I have googled around for the answer (e.g. ) but I don’t believe the device is rooted and if its not showing up via usb (adb devices), I am not sure what more I can do.

Any assistance would be greatly received.



Update 17/08/2017:
Seems to be an issue with the snapshot build I used. I flashed using the latest “Release” flashboot files here ( ) which is based on Android 5.1.1 and usb debugging works perfect. Is there anything “special” about the snapshot build which makes usb/tcp debugging an issue or was I just unlucky with the snapshot build I used which somehow broke this feature? I will try flashing the latest “Preview” release here tonight to see if I have similar issues or not.