Acquiring a power adapter for the DragonBoard 410C


Hi everybody,

I am trying to get hold of a power adapter for the DragonBoard 410C

The following venues I have explored so far:

1) Purchasing at Arrows.
It used to be this one: WM24P-12-A-QL, but that item has been discontinued. So no go.

2) Chasing Arrows support on a substitute.
Tried live support a few times, but they have no idea. They just forward the request to their websupport. And websupport never replies.

3) Tried contacting seedstudio.
No reply.

4) Tried googling for adapters by spec ( 12V/2A 1.75x4.75mm )
My problem with this approach is that some board-owners have gotten hold of adapaters that fit the electronic specification but the physical match is just “almost”. So they end up bad contact to the power, resulting in unstable ( or in the end broken ) boards.

I can’t believe it’s THIS hard to get hold of a power adapter for this board? What am I missing?
Are there anyone here that bought their power adapter relatively recently?
If so where did you buy yours?

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Best reg,


Hi @biwinotech-no,

The AC adapter for 96Boards was the difficult to find from the beginning and it was my concern too when people felt unstable but not realizing the bad contact.

I wrote the detail description what kind of AC adapter and DC plug fits with 96Boards.

The EIAJ3 plug which has 4.75mm diameter with 1.7mm center pin is often used on Japanese product but not common on general purpose AC adapter.
(the 1.75mm will probably cause bad connection)
The main reason the EIAJ3 plug is used on 96Boards is any larger DC plug will be too tall to fit the Mezzanine boards on top of 96Boards.

I searched on the web and found some EIAJ3 plug.

I hope this helps.


Hi Akira,
Thank you so much for your feedback.

I was hoping to buy an adapter with the right dimensions on the plug, but I guess the 5.5x2.1mm adapter plug will have to do. So I just placed an order on the one from Amazon. Thanks again.

I am placing an order at for some other components and I noticed that they have this adapter plug:
Portable Male 5.5mm x 2.1mm to Female 4.8mm x 1.7mm Adapter DC Adapting Cable

Do you think that one would work? Or is this the type of diamte difference that may result in bad contact.
(I guess if 0.05mm makes a difference on the inner diameter it would make a difference on the outer one as well)

Best reg,


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Hi @biwinotech-no,

When I was making the consumer product to sell in the market, it would be scary the difference between 4.8mm and 4.75mm, but for my own usage, I will give it try.
Since 4.8mm diameter is thicker than 4.75mm and it should not go to have less pressure for the bad contact, it sounds like it is going to have stronger pressure with the male DC jack.
Because the price is good. :slight_smile:

These are others I found.


Thanks for all the help!

The one from Amazon is already out of stock, so sadly that won’t be an option for anyone else untill they restock.

I figured I’d try this combo though:

Will post back when I know how it turns out.

Thanks again!