Access GPS in Android Environment


I am working on dragonBoard410c in Android Environment. And want to access(turn ON) GPS on Board and find Coordinates of a location. I tried many online tutorials on it but didn’t get the solution.

Thanks in Advance.


It just uses the regular Android API. Try downloading an existing app to try things out. I’ve not tested it myself but looks a good candidate (it can be side-loaded and is open source so you can find out how it works).

Note also that the on-board antenna on DB410C is very weak. It is very unlikely to lock unless the board has direct visibility of the sky (e.g. outdoors and away from tall buildings).


Thank you @danielt for the reply,

But I want to do it programmable so, could you give me any tutorials on it?


I (deliberately) pointed you at an open source project so you could rip it apart to figure out how it works (and also so you can check that you’ve got a strong enough antenna to get the location service working properly before you start coding).

Anyhow, if you’re searching for tutorials try searching for “android gps tutorial” rather than “dragonboard gps tutorial” and see what you find!