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The STM32MP157 is a highly integrated multi-market system-on-chip designed to enable secure and space constraint applications within the Internet of Things. Avenger96 board features dual Arm Cortex-A7 cores and an Arm Cortex-M4 core. In addition, an extensive set of interfaces and connectivity peripherals are included to interface to cameras, touch-screen displays an MMC/SD cards. It also fully supports wireless communication, including WLAN and BLE.

Quick question - does it have CAN1 Bus (or both CAN1 and CAN2) exposed to any connector on the board?


Both RX/TX for both FDCAN1 and FDCAN2 come out via the 40 pin low speed connector. Thus CAN is exposed but you will require an external transceiver.

Hi Guys
We try to use Avenger96 as evaluation platform. power source of our platform is 5V. Is it possible to use SYS_DIN with 5V instead of Power-Jack?

SYS_DCIN cannot be 5v because the buck converter output can be at most 90% of the input voltage.

However it looks like pretty much everything on the board runs of the 5v output of the buck converter so you might be able to directly power the 5V rail yourself

The schematic is here:

I purchased your evaluation board for developing our firmware. I confirmed correct operation by connecting 5V directly.
As a next step, Please advice me the follwoing item.
-how to use USB port by installing USB driver
-The way of programming firmware and debugging of ST chip.
Because We use your board with two USB port and SD card as our prottype.

As an addtional information, OS is Linux
The modification of board is as follows:
Remove L1
Connect 5V to the pad.

I haven’t got an avenger96 so I’m afraid I can’t comment on the software related questions.

However I was intrigued by the hardware mod: did powering the board from the 5v pin on the LS connector not work or did you avoid that for some other reason?

You also asked about debugging. You can go a long way debugging Linux systems using their own resources (console on the LS connector together with the contents of the Kernel Hacking menu). However if you need full JTAG level debug then I think you should be able to hook up an STLink to one of the three JTAG sockets (they are all the same… just redundant for easier physical access, start with X12 if in doubt).

Note also that the software for Avenger96 is based on OpenSTLinux so in many cases the documentation for that will be correct for Avenger96 too.

Finally you could also contact the board vendor for support, especially if you are a potential customer for the SoM on which avenger96 is based.

Dear sir,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I have attached a file of our modification point based on your suggestion.

So it would be appreciate to make sure about the validation of supplying 5V from external 5V power supply.

Best regards,
Genta Shinohara from Aquafusion.Inc

(Attachment 96boards_modification200318.pdf is missing)

The PDF is missing so I can’t comment but I doubt I’d be able to spot any problems with your mod anyway. I’m not a board designer so the only things I’d be looking for is that you’ve connected the +5v and GND rails correctly and that C10 remains in the circuit.

[Edit: I’ve just noticed the date on the last message. It looks like the post might have got held up on a spam trap maybe due to the missing PDF. Feel free to ignore this comment it is probably not relavent!]