96rocks kernel built from source -> no wifi !?! [SOLVED]


I pulled 96boards github manifest for rock960 and modified it a little bit before doing a ‘repo sync’…

My rock960.xml is …

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <remote  name="rockchip-linux"

  <remote  name="96rocks"

  <default revision="master"
           sync-j="4" />

  <project path="u-boot" remote="96rocks" name="u-boot" revision="stable-4.4-rock960"/>
  <project path="kernel" remote="96rocks" name="kernel" revision="release-4.4-rock960"/>
  <project path="rkbin" remote="96rocks" name="rkbin" revision="master"/>

  <project path="build" remote="96rocks" name="build" revision="debian">
	  <copyfile dest="README.md" src="README.md"/>

… my goal is to build stable u-boot and kernel before anything else… and i am disappointed because when burning new images with bionic rootfs.img into system.img, i’m getting no wifi at all on my model c.

My defconfig is too long to be pasted here but wifi components are built as modules…

‘rock960-4.4-dev’ kernel sources are building also fine AND wifi is working !?! BUT this kernel is not suitable for my needs…

Any idea why wifi is not working with ‘release-4.4-rock960’ OOTB on my model c ?!?


EDIT : i forgot to run ‘sudo make modules_install’