96Boards UART out of stock worldwide

Recently I purchased a HiKey960 board. I don’t want to install the the Android OS, but a Debian OS.
Therefore I need to purchase the USB to UART interface adapter.
Unfortunately this product is very hard to get worldwide (especially the 96board variant with the level shifting for 1.8V IO pinout). I can not make it myself (i am not very handy/have no technical skills to repair/make hardware boards). I have Googled many shops including lots of scam webshops which cost me lot of waste time and money. Has anyone any suggestion for me how to get an 96Boards UART adapter? Thank you.

There are a number of mezzanine boards with usb UART interfaces. The audio mezzanine from arrow (though the audio aspects of it won’t work on anything but db410/820c), and the sensors mezzanine are two good choices.

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Thank you! I just ordered the 96Boards Sensors from Seeed. I hope the UART on that board works with my HiKey960 board!

Afraid I need a male 40pins connector. The Sensors board has only a female connector. Hopefully I find a way to connect this board on the HiKey960 board…?

The sensors board will fit (there are male pins on the bottom).

Given the board is discounted this sounds like a really good choice for you. The audio mezz is a great board too but I think you would have to de-solder one of the connectors to make it work with hikey960 (audio mezz is designed specifically for DB410C and doesn’t follow all the height requirements for components between the LS connector and the power jack).

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I see it now. Thank you again.

The sensors mezz is 100% compatible with hikey960. I use them together myself.

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Just a couple of sleepless nights till it arrives…:joy: I’m so impatient.

Received my 96Boards Sensors from Seeed.
with dmesg gives the Serial Device: usb 3-10: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0
Unfortunately screen /dev/ttyUSB0 19200 gives garbage characters after boot the HiKey960
Anyone knows how to get proper display? Does this mean the 96Boards Sensors is defective?

Any help is appreciated.

Found it. sudo minicom -b 115200 -o -D /dev/ttyUSB0 solves it

Yeah, or screen will work too, as long as you get the rate right, which will differ depending on how the SBC is configured. Hikey960 is, as you figured out, set to 115200 (not 19200).

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That’s it! Screen on that rate 115200 works like a charm. Thanks!