96Boards MIPI adapter

Dear all,
I use the 96Boards MIPI Adapter on Dragonboard 410c pluged into high speed connector and I read the illustrution “Using CSI camera with a Dragonboard-410c” to open the camera on MIPI Adapter. However, when reading the tips “Enable camera”, I’m in touble. It says I must enable the camera by configuring the DTS file in “dts: Disable camera sensors in dtsi” comiit. However, I can’t find the commit on Linaro Net. And then, I read the tips on forums. But I can’t find the camss options in v4.14 kernel. How can I fine the commit “dts: Disable camera sensors in dtsi” and how can I enable camera in kernel. Thank for reply to me.
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Title is misleading, you mention Rock960 board.

What sensor are you using ? ov5640 or ov5645 ?
What OS are you running, Debian ?

You can enable the camera at build time, by editing the device tree in kernel tree: arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/apq8016-sbc.dtsi, You need to enable (status = “ok”) at least one sensor (e.g. camera_rear@3b) and the associated CSI port (e.g. port@0). For example, working on the D3 camera mezzanine, I had to enable ov5640 sensor: https://git.linaro.org/people/loic.poulain/linux.git/commit/?h=qcomlt-4.14-d3-mezzanine&id=3391e75e11ac5a264c0e26a8dea59d01c07be061

You can also enable nodes at runtime using the dt-update tool: https://github.com/96boards/dt-update

git clone https://github.com/96boards/dt-update.git
cd dt-update



or for ov5640 (d3 mezzanine):


Dear Loic,
Thank for replying to me and I’m really apprieate it. I’m sorry to mistake title.

I use ov5645 on Rock960 MIPI adapter. I got your tips to enable camera by editing device tree in kernel and found your commit on Linaro Linux net. I will try your methods.

Please give me a hand next time if I have any question.

Best regards!

This method is only compatible with the Dragonboard 410C board. I need to check what is possible to do with the Rock 960.

Dear Loic,

I use DB 410c. I will try your mehod. Thank you, guy!

Hi Loic,

I use the guide of "How to disable camera sensors in dtsi in Kernel." and then I create the new boot.img with dtb file.

However, when I install the image, I’m in touble. I can’t reboot with fastboot mode and I find that the mini usb port can’t use. How can I able this usb port. Could you give me some tips?