845: BLE is not working


I am using snapshot image #334 with kernel version 5.4.41.

When i try to scan BLE device it getting failed with bellow error:

root@linaro-alip:~# hciconfig hci0
hci0:   Type: Primary  Bus: UART
        BD Address: 39:90:21:64:07:00  ACL MTU: 1024:7  SCO MTU: 240:4
        RX bytes:70281 acl:90 sco:0 events:383 errors:0
        TX bytes:194800 acl:90 sco:0 commands:905 errors:0

root@linaro-alip:~# hcitool lescan
Set scan parameters failed: Input/output error


Look like controller has a problem with LE SCAN command and default parameters… Can you try with bluetoothctl (scan on)?

In bluetoothctl scan on is working, pairing is also working and connect and file transfer is working using obexctl.

Problem is in LE SCAN only.

hcitool is deprecated and does not support well BT 5.x controller. The standard ‘LE scan’ command is not allowed for BT 5.x controller supporting ‘extended LE scan’ command. However you’ll not get this issue with bluetoothctl (bluez stack will correctly perform extended le scan).

> bluetoothctl
> scan on

Note that by default, only ‘connectable’ devices are reported (not beacon only devices).