820C HDMI Conversion


After doing some testing on the Snapdragon 820C the chip seems to be very powerful but there does seem to be an additional latency when outputting the signal via HDMI. Is there an additional conversion from the Snapdragon 820 chip to the HDMI? If so any idea what the additional latency would be either in terms of frames or milliseconds?

I see the Snapdragon 410C requires an additional conversion from chip to get to HDMI so this leads me to ask the question on the Snapdragon 820C.


The 820C has native HDMI support, so your latency is either happening on the SoC or in software. Or the HDMI panel you are using does some suboptimal post-HDMI conversion to some other signal.

Could you be more precise, is it about few ms, 100ms, 1 second ? I assume it is observable ?
Which OS/release are you running ?

I am not able to make hdmi up for db410c as well as db820c for yocto (branch - krikstone & target - core-image-full-cmdline). To turn on what are the the things you had changed db410c ? If you got for db820c also please share.
If any other suggestions also most welcome.